Wiring Instructions

Wire transfer of funds is required for any monies due over $5,000.00. We cannot accept ACH credits.  An actual wire transfer must be sent.  We accept certified, treasurer’s or bank checks up to $5,000, but they MUST be payable to LAKESIDE TITLE COMPANY. Personal checks are accepted for funds due under $2,000.


All checks including certified, treasurer’s or bank checks MUST BE PAYABLE to LAKESIDE TITLE COMPANY. We will not accept checks payable to the borrower/buyer (even if the bank that issues the check tries to tell you otherwise).

Any excess funds presented at closing, will be refunded to you.  Lakeside Title Company will issue a check back to you for the difference.


  1. NEVER RELY on emails purporting to change wire instructions. Parties to a transaction rarely change wire instructions in the course of a transaction.
  2. ALWAYS VERIFY wire instructions, specifically the ABA routing number and account number, by calling the party who sent the instructions to you. DO NOT use the phone number provided in the email containing the instructions, use phone numbers you have called before or can otherwise verify. Obtain the phone numbers of the Real Estate Agents, Buyers, Sellers, Lender and Attorneys as soon as the application is placed.
  3. DO NOT send an email to verify as the email address may be incorrect or the email may be intercepted by the fraudster.
  4. DO NOT forward wire instructions to other parties without first verbally verifying the instructions from the sending party.
  5. USE COMPLEX EMAIL PASSWORDS that employ a combination of mixed case, numbers and symbols. Make your passwords greater than eight (8) characters. Also, change your password often and do NOT reuse the same password for other online accounts.
  6. USE MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION for email accounts. Your email provider or IT staff may have specific instructions on how to implement this feature.

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