The 2020 Linkedin Guide for Realtors

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By the end of 2019, LinkedIn had 675  million users, with two professionals joining every second. That makes LinkedIn the perfect social media platform for realtors who are growing a business. Unlike other social sites, LinkedIn focuses on the quality of networking rather than the number of followers and likes. With a diverse global user base, realtors forge connections locally and internationally.

Here are the best strategies for tailoring a LinkedIn profile to your audience.

  1. Be Consistent

With any content, consistency is important. Not only does it provide reliability and build rapport, but it also supports search engine optimization. Fortunately, real estate is an industry with multiple writing subjects to explore. Some topics to consider include:

  • Local news and announcements for areas you sell in
  • Self-help guides for home renovations before a sale
  • Decor guides for new homes
  • How-to instructional to improve curb appeal
  • Packing tips to minimize moving stress

Create a schedule to monitor content publishing. Aim at posting 2 to 3 times a week

  1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

A mistake many LinkedIn users make is forgoing the profile update. It’s not enough to type your name and contact information; people want to know more. Your profile is prime advertising space, so why not utilize it in full? From a professional profile photo to a lengthy description of your skills, prove that you’re an authority in your field.

For realtors, LinkedIn isn’t just a social space; it’s a bit of a resume. Clients want to know how long you’ve been working, where you sell, and what your success rate is. Include a captivating headline, complete with keywords to draw in new potential buyers. Most importantly, make it personal.

  1. Brand Your Profile

A unique trait offered by LinkedIn is a vanity URL. That lets you customize your link so that every time you share, customers think of you specifically.

To add a vanity URL, select “edit public profile” and the “edit” icon next to your current URL. Here, you can add the text you’d like displayed as your “LinkedIn website,” so to speak. Most realtors choose their name without spaces, but you could also use your business name.

  1. Start Engaging

Engagement is the top priority on any social media account. It assists with brand awareness and encourages conversion. Ways to engage include:

  • Commenting on posts from other leaders in your industry
  • Replying to customer comments
  • Sharing posts that relate to your field
  • Seeking and connecting with more colleagues
  1. Get Recommended

Recommendations are like customer reviews, and LinkedIn lets you request them. If you have previous clients on social media, this is an excellent way to pad your profile. Recommendations work in two ways:

  1. They show other homeowners why they should work with you.
  2. They make you look good to crawler bots collecting data for search ranks.

Your recommendations are also seen by other realtors when applying for a job.

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