The Expensive Housing Market and Millennial Marriage

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The older millennials are finally starting to settle down. Even though they are juggling student loans, inflated home prices, and high mortgage rates, most millennials seem ready to take this next step. In fact, around 36% of all home sales in the United States are now from millennials. To afford these homes in this high-priced housing market, they are working two jobs, renting out their spare rooms, and working part-time for car services like Uber. That’s not all, though. A majority of these millennials are even sacrificing their wedding plans to afford a home.

Delaying and Downsizing

Everyone wants to do a destination wedding these days. The problem with this is that when factoring in all the expenses travel, catering, photography, hotel, etc., it costs a significant amount of money. With many older millennials wishing to get a family-sized house, they could end up spending around $20,000 or more for a down payment. In a recent survey, 64% of millennial couples said they are willing to delay their marriage or have a smaller celebration to afford a house. Though an extravagant wedding would bring great memories, millennial couples would instead put that money towards a home. 

Money Over Wedding Gifts

Millennials are also forgoing the tradition of wedding gifts in favor of monetary donations. Since down payments on a home can potentially be very costly, they are enlisting friends and family’s help through wedding gifts. Wedding gifts such as furniture, silverware, and appliances aren’t a necessity for these older millennials because they can take these items from their apartment. Even though money isn’t as unique or personal as a typical wedding present, it is constructive. In this competitive and costly housing market, homebuyers can use all the help they can get. 

Closing Thoughts

Until the housing market cools down, it looks like purchasing a home will continue to take priority over marriage. It is interesting to see the powerful influence that the housing market has in determining this significant life event’s fate. 

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