Are Amazon Housing Communities the Future of Housing?

amazon housing communities

“Alexa, can you build me a community?”

In case you were wondering, smart technology is not a fad that is going away anytime soon. In fact, Amazon housing communities are opening across the nation.

What Are Amazon Housing Communities?


Amazon has decided to expand their trillion dollar company to the housing industry, in an effort to establish a “smart home lifestyle.” They partnered with Lennar, a home construction and real estate company, to create Amazon housing communities. These communities are fully-equipped with smart home technology, allowing the owner to control almost everything in the house with their voice.

Where They Located?


So far, Amazon has launched these communities in specific cities across 9 states: Washington, Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and California. Georgia, for example, features 674 homes in different neighborhoods.

What Do the Homes Come With?

Each home in the Amazon housing communities is Wi-Fi certified, with each room connected to Amazon’s smart technology. The homes come with everything set up and included, featuring: an Echo Show, an Echo Dot, a Sonos Wireless Speaker, a Baldwin Evolved Smart Lock, a Smart Thermostat, Smart-enabled shades and lights, a Ring Video Doorbell, and a Samsung Smartthings Hub. Basically, the entire home is something straight from the future.

An Unrivaled Convenience Factor


Amazon and Lennar are making the homeowning experience more convenient than ever, by having all of this smart technology built-in and set up for the owner before they move in. Homeowners can simply say a command to Alexa, and all of the shades in his or her living room will open automatically. Even if this rise in smart technology is slightly intimidating, you have to admit it is pretty cool.

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