Should You Consult Your Pet Before You Buy??

a brown dog laying on top of a couch next to a pillow

Despite the varying personalities and interests of new homebuyers today, they all seem to share one thing in common: an obsession with their four-legged friend. In a study conducted by, they found that roughly 80% of the 1,000 new homebuyers surveyed had at least one pet. Furthermore, 79% of these pet owners claimed that they would be willing to sacrifice the home of their dreams if it wasn’t suitable for their pet.

Man’s Best Friend

While searching for their first home, 87% of these new homebuyers have stated that they put the needs of their pets first. In fact, 90% of them said that the needs of their pets have a big influence on their decision to purchase a certain property. Many people consider their pets members of their family, almost like a child. If a home doesn’t cater to their treasured pet, it could be a deal breaker.

Top Features Desired

The prominent features that these surveyed homebuyers were on the lookout for included a sizable yard, an outdoor space, and a garage space. The large yard and outdoor space would be ideal places for the homebuyers to exercise and play with their dog. In addition, it would provide enough space for the homebuyers to let their dogs do their business. The extra garage space is often desirable so that the homebuyers can convert it into a pet-friendly space.

Not Just Dogs

At 64%, dogs are the leading pet that new homebuyers are concerned with pleasing, however, the survey also showed that other pets can have a significant impact on a homebuyer’s decision. To illustrate, 41% of the homebuyers surveyed owned a cat, 12% owned a bird, and 1% owned a fish. While the needs of these types of pets most likely don’t weigh as heavy as a dog, they are still put into consideration.

Realtors should keep this pet-catering trend in mind when looking to fill homes with new homebuyers. In this day and age, pets come first.

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