Interior and Home Design Trends Expected to Dominate 2018

home design trends

Are you in the market for a new home or thinking about remodeling your existing home? If so, you may be wondering what the hot new home design trends are, or what’s new in interior design. Well, we’ve done a little research and come up with this list of seven interior and home design trends that are expected to gain momentum in the coming year.

  1. Concrete in Countertops and More 

    Marble and granite countertops have made quite the splash in recent years, but are now on the way out, according to online home remodeling and decorating website, Houzz. Stonework and concrete accents, on the other hand, will become increasingly popular, and not only in countertops and floors, but in decorative accessories and even wall coverings as well.

  2. Sinks with Warm Textures and Colors

    Stainless steel and white sinks are expected to be replaced with sinks in darker colors like gray, bronze and black. Designers are also expected to experiment with sinks made from alternative materials like concrete, stone, copper and granite composites. For the fixtures, stainless steel is also out, as is brushed silver, which are being replaced by golden and brassy tones.

  3. Circle Patterns

    Circles are expected to be very popular in room accessories, ranging from pillows to wallpaper, according to House Beautiful magazine.

  4. Colorful Accents

    The more neutral room colors will be replaced with rooms that have warmer colors like brown-black, burnt yellow or rust, or rooms with light colors accented with deep dark or even bright colors.

  5. Velvet and Florals

    Velvet is expected to make a huge comeback in furniture and accessories. And florals aren’t just for grandma anymore. They’re also coming back strong, especially in high-contrast designs with big bold patterns and bright colors.

  6. Vintage Lighting

    Vintage fixtures and lamps are in style again, as are unique artisan lighting fixtures that use LEDs.

  7. Colorful Trim

    Dark trim – for example, a charcoal gray – is becoming a popular way to add depth and contrast to white or light neutral-colored rooms.

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