Seemingly Minor Issues that can Derail a Home Sale

home sale issues

Here are some of the seemingly minor issues that can completely derail a home sale.

Those Window Treatments Are Mine!


When buyers walk through a home, they often spot things that the seller takes for granted such as blinds and other window treatments. Buyers often assume blinds come with the kitchen they love. If they move in and find the previous owner took those, it can really set them off. It might seem strange, but it’s just this kind of detail that can spell trouble. That can be true for other things such as light fixtures.


Make sure fixtures and window treatments, including blinds, rods, or drapes, are excluded in the contract if sellers plan to take them when they move. If they are not excluded and are missing, the buyer has every right to be vexed, and those features will have to be given back.  

Sellers should also be sure to let their agent know they want the window treatments included if this could be a deal breaker.

What’s That Smell?


Nothing is more off-putting than odor. Although sellers take the time to make sure things are nice and fresh for walk-throughs and open houses, they often allow the home to become less fresh once offers are received.


Thorough cleaning for open houses and all walk-throughs should be followed up by a thorough cleaning and removal of all odor-causing culprits including garbage, dirty fridge remnants, and, of course, pet accidents before the new owners move in.

Is Everything Broken Here?


The little annoying details that a homeowner has learned to live with can be a real bone of contention for a buyer in a home sale. Although the creak on that third step has become endearing to the homeowner, it’s like a call for help for potential buyers.

From loose handles to stuck kitchen drawers and missing switch plates to a slightly damaged window screen, buyers look at these things as red flags at open houses. They can also get pretty ornery if they notice them when it comes time to take possession.


Sellers should address all the little fixes before the home hits the market. This will shorten the list of things buyers might choose to point out. These details can also bring the value of the house down in the buyer’s eyes.  

Buyers shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Depend on the agent and inspector to point out true issues and learn to live with the things that won’t affect the home. Be aware that these are things that are no fault of the current owner. They are also not red flags and should never be deal breakers.

But I Really Want the Fridge!


Much along the same lines of the window treatments, buyers often get fixated on something in the house that is not for sale. From sofas to paintings and area rugs to appliances, often buyers are drawn to the home in its entirety and not just the structure itself.


This is where the agent has to step in and do what they do best: negotiate and assuage. A good agent will never allow a small detail or term come between their client and a purchase or home sale.

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