Is ChatGPT Right for You?

a person holding a cell phone with a speech bubble above it

If you keep up with the news daily, you may have heard something about the Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT). ChatGPT is artificial intelligence technology that can help users develop content for any number of writing tasks.

The Lakeside Title team was intrigued by all the talk, so we did a little reading of our own to figure out how this new resource might be helpful in our industry. Consider these useful tips when considering ChatGPT. 

  • Blog posts – If you are currently creating a blog or are interested in starting one, ChatGPT can help you with topics by organizing your initial thoughts or creating an introductory paragraph. It’s capable of writing an entire post but has its drawbacks.
  • Property listings – From what we’ve read, ChatGPT can help put together property listings from a few bullet points. The more specific you are with input, the better results you will get. 
  • Social Media Content – ChatGPT can assist you with social media posts and content strategies. It can also help you create a short script if you consistently post videos with industry-related content.

While artificial intelligence grows by leaps and bounds, human beings and their experiences are irreplaceable. ChatGPT has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, you are the pro, so use what you know with ChatGPT for the best results. If you utilize ChatGPT, share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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