Marine Corps Guiding Principles Create Leaders in The Real Estate Service Industry

a group of men in military uniforms standing next to each other

The brave men and women that make up the United States Marine Corps are expected to demonstrate high levels of focus, dedication, and skill on a day-to-day basis. By embodying 11 leadership principles, each Marine becomes an excellent leader who can overcome obstacles and help others in difficult situations. Realtors and mortgage lenders obviously don’t require the same physical or mental strength as Marines, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all strive to operate with their level of focus and discipline. Keep reading to see how the Marines’ guiding principles can help make you and your coworkers leaders in lending and real estate.

Be at the Top of Your Game

A Marine officer must amass a vast toolkit of skills and knowledge to lead their unit. As leaders in lending and real estate, we ought to do the same. We must react and master new processes as laws change around us, serve as advocates for our profession and our customers, and incorporate new technology to meet the modern world’s demands.

Never Stop Growing

Boot camp is designed to give Marines a foundation of knowledge from which to operate, but their training doesn’t stop when boot camp ends; in fact, it’s only just begun. Our parallel to boot camp is education. Realtors and mortgage lenders earn degrees and certificates that prove they’ve mastered the basics of their profession. The learning process must continue, however. Your agency’s success hinges on how willing you are to hone your craft, expand your skills, and overcome your weaknesses. The best leaders in lending and real estate never stop striving and never take a day off.

Take Initiative

Marines thrive when they have objective goals. If they have a clear target, a clear mission, nothing will stop them from accomplishing it. To be leaders in lending and real estate, mortgage lenders and realtors must create objectives for themselves. Identify a problem, either within your firm or within the industry, and take the initiative to find a solution. That’s your objective. By meeting challenges head-on, you’ll not only enjoy tremendous success and job security, but you’ll also earn the respect of your employees, clients, and coworkers.

Partner with Lakeside Title

All of us at Lakeside are indebted to all armed forces, men and women, for the sacrifices they make for the country. We’re also thankful to have such excellent role models. When it comes to leadership, you can’t do much better than the Marines. We’ve taken their guiding principles to heart and become a better business as a result. We’ve placed ourselves at the cutting edge of technology and customer service, providing an unprecedented range of title and settlement services to realtors, lenders, and loan officers. For more information or to get in contact, please visit our homepage.

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