Realtor Keeps Breaking World Record for Homes Sold

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Ben Caballero, real estate broker and owner of in Dallas, has once again broken the Guinness world record — his own record — for the most homes sold in a single year. He sold 5,801 homes in 2018 totaling $2 billion in sales volume, which averages out to 100 homes a week and 16 a day.

Caballero’s official Guinness citation reads  “most annual home sale transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent.” But how does he do it? 

What’s the Secret?


  • A Good Team

If you’re doing the math and doubting whether anyone could possibly process all the paperwork required to list a property every 30 minutes, you’re not alone. And neither is Ben Caballero. There’s a team behind him, 22 people to be exact, some of whom work remotely and others who work from the office in Addison, Texas.

And that’s not to diminish what he’s accomplished in any way. To sell anywhere near that number of homes, you have to create a team and train them relentlessly until the processes that lead to successful outcomes are second nature. 


  • Establish a Routine

Every morning Caballero wakes up at 5 am. He eats oatmeal with fresh berries and watches the news with his dog, Sammy, while checking email and his platform. At 7 a.m. he heads to the office, listening to classic country on the radio for the 30 minute commute. Once at the office, he has coffee with honey and begins meeting with his team.


  • Find a Niche

Another secret to Caballero’s success? Finding a niche. Before becoming a real estate agent, Caballero had a successful 18-year career as a builder. His specialization is sales of newly constructed homes. 

He represents over 60 builders across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio region, all of whom are “volume builders” that put up hundreds of homes a year. Some build thousands. HomesUSA is designed exclusively for these kinds of builders. 


  • Location

The last secret? As is always the case in real estate, it’s the location. “Texas is the world’s greatest housing market,” says Caballero, “and one of the best economies in the world.”

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