The Top Features Home Buyers Are Looking For

top features for home buyers

The features that buyers of new homes desire are constantly changing. As a result, home builders always want to be ahead of the game, to make sure the new homes are equipped with features that match the current trends. Ashton Woods, a home builder in various markets across the United States, decided to find out this information by conducting a survey. They asked prospective homebuyers the top features they look for in a new home. Below is a summary of the results.

Natural Wood Cabinets

White cabinets are no longer the top style for cabinets today. Rather, the survey showed that a majority of home buyers would like to see natural wood cabinets in the kitchen.

Spacious Living Rooms

Homebuyers today are not too concerned about having a huge bedroom. Instead, they would like to see a larger living room. In fact, about 60% of the homebuyers said that they would trade in their large bedroom for a larger living room.

Bonus Rooms for Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby these days. People like to paint, do yoga, exercise, or even collect pinball machines. Hobbies have become such a significant part of people’s lives that most homebuyers are now willing to pay extra to have a dedicated hobby room in their home. Homebuyers will appreciate properties that have bonus rooms in the basement or upper level, which can be used for their hobbies.

Home Office

Many freelance, part-time, and full-time workers have jobs that allow them to work remotely. Rather than go to a coworking space like WeWork or a local coffee shop, these homebuyers would like to have an office space in their home. This is a convenient way for them to do their work. This space is also desired for students or anyone that tends to do extra work at home.


Roughly 75% of the homebuyers surveyed said they are more likely to choose a homebuilder that offers customization in design. Furthermore, about 67% said that they would pay extra to have these design options. Some of the options they desire include customized built-ins, ceiling decorations, and wood elements.

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