Your Guide to Escrow

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An escrow agent usually comes from the real estate company in charge of conducting the closing, a title agent, or an attorney. They work with the buyer and seller to ensure that the transaction is completed most efficiently. This means ensuring the safe and secure transfer of private items and documents pertinent to the sale. Escrow shields all of the parties involved in the transaction from funds from the lender and property being exchanged until all of the conditions in the contract have been fulfilled.

Throughout each step of the closing process, the escrow company will file all of the essential documents. Upon completion of each step, the buyer or seller will sign off on a contingency that must be fulfilled. These can include home inspections, repairs, and other updates to the home. Once the contingency is fulfilled, the transaction can be pushed to the next step.

After all of the relevant conditions in the contract have been met and the transaction has been finalized, the money that the buyer owes the seller will be transferred from their lender to them. At the same time, the escrow officer will clear the title and officially grant ownership to the buyer.

How Much Does Escrow Cost?

The cost of escrow will usually range from 1% to 2% of the home’s total cost. The buyer will perform an escrow deposit (or earnest money deposit), which is the money that buyers put into the escrow account once the seller accepts their offer on the home. Thereafter, the escrow company will keep the money safe until the transaction is completed.

How Escrow Protects Buyers and Sellers

If a buyer decides to back out of the deal at the last minute, the seller will get the buyer’s money into the escrow deposit.

On the other hand, if the seller fails to fix any uncovered problems within the home that they agreed to fix as part of a contingency, the buyer can hold off on any payment. The seller will not receive any money until the seller has fixed this issue within the home.

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