3 Marketing Tips You Can Put to Work This Fall

a scenic view of trees in the fall

Fall is the perfect season to take some time to focus on marketing so you can finish the year strong. Plus, there are so many great things to love about this season – the foliage, football and all things pumpkin – just to name a few.

The Lakeside Title team knows it’s been a busy year, but it’s important to make sure we all take some time to refresh and refocus on efforts to make sure we’re growing business. That’s right, we’re talking about the importance of marketing.

Create a Memorable Message

The best marketing tip out there is to make sure you are creating a memorable, unique message. Easier said than done, we know, but it’s important to get creative with storytelling! Whatever product or service you are trying to promote, find ways to incorporate an out-of-the-box idea into your message.

Knowing your audience is the first step to curating a unique message that will pull in new customers. One campaign that created a great message because they knew their audience was Always’ #LikeaGirl Campaign. While you cannot target everyone, deeply understanding your audience will ensure an emotional understanding that will build a memorable, unique message.

Social Media Marketing

This one cannot be stressed enough! No matter what product or service you are trying to sell, social media is your number one friend. Not only does social media marketing allow businesses to engage with existing customers, but it helps reach new ones too.

Finding your voice on social media is dependent on consistency and interacting with your audience daily. From using hashtags to posting polls on Instagram Stories, there are so many ways to engage with existing and new audiences on social media! Also, be sure to follow Lakeside Title on Facebook and Instagram.

 Look for Opportunities to Diversify

This goes hand-in-hand with tips No. 1 and 2. Marketing is all about making yourself stand out above the rest. Looking for opportunities to diversify can simply come from researching your audience more closely and identifying the more niche members. Using different forms of social media that will push through the “marketing noise,” too.

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