A Starter Home is an Investment

a brick house with a large garage door

There is a first time for everything, and buying a home might be the biggest financial first ever. It’s an inevitable roller coaster of emotions as many have a dream home in mind on a starter-home budget. So many unknowns are involved, and the goal is to support buyers through the entire process.

The Lakeside Title team knows that keeping buyers’ feet rooted on the ground while reaching for the sky is quite a challenge, so here are some best practices for helping first-time homebuyers stay relaxed:

Pre-approval is key. Buyers often think of saving for the big purchase, but pre-approval with a lender is a must when setting expectations for the search. With rates being what they are, encourage buyers to find the right lender for them.

Must-haves vs. do-with-outs. Buyers should create a list of what they are looking for. From that list, have them create two lists…one side being must-haves and the other side being do-with-outs. It can help create a realistic picture of the home they are searching for.

Inspections always. The term “starter home” often has a negative connotation, but an inspection can help turn that negative into a positive. A starter home doesn’t necessarily need to be a fixer-upper with proper expectations and experienced professionals in the buyers’ corner.

Having a real estate professional who is involved can help provide you with a smooth transaction and an excellent first-time home-buying experience.

At Lakeside, we are excited each time we partner with a first-time homeowner and assist them in making their dreams of homeownership come true…contact us today to get your dream started.

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