Boundary Surveys and Title Insurance

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When purchasing a property, deciding whether or not to invest in a boundary survey or a location drawing is complex and situational. Buyers are at risk of inheriting property boundary issues unknowingly, and should seek professional advice. With more than 27 years of experience, Lakeside Title Company shares their expertise on the difference between a location drawing and a boundary survey and some things to consider during your transaction. 

Location Drawing vs. Boundary Surveys

Let’s explore the definitions of location drawing and boundary survey.

What is a Location Drawing?

A location drawing is the preliminary assessment done by a surveyor that shows any updates to the structures on the property and their relationship to the lot lines. For a location drawing, no stakes, rods, or pins are set out, so it is usually accurate within 1-3 feet. Depending on the situation, a location drawing can provide assurance that improvements did not encroach on boundary lines, or it can reveal the need for a more in-depth boundary survey.

What is a Boundary Survey? 

The boundary survey requires the surveyor to set out or recover the markers for the property corners, conduct research on any available public records, and take measurements and calculations in the field to produce a detailed survey. This survey can be relied upon when constructing a fence, building an addition, or making other improvements. Because the boundary survey goes into more depth and requires more time, it costs more. 

In some cases, when existing legal descriptions of the lot are vague, a boundary survey is required to have an insurable title. Most of the time, a survey is not compulsory if the buyer is willing to sign a waiver at closing. Buyers should also ask sellers if they have any survey information available that can be used for informational purposes.

Always advise Lakeside Title Company if you want to perform a survey of the property you’re purchasing. You can rely on our experienced team to guide you through decisions like conducting a location drawing or boundary survey, and all aspects of your transaction. 

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