3 Building and Construction Companies on the Cutting-Edge of Efficiency

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Innovative companies are finding ways to help improve efficiencies in the building and construction industry. Here are three companies featured in Urban Land Magazine that have been making use of cutting-edge technology.  

  1. Scoutred, San Diego

Scoutred software expedites early-stage due diligence for real estate developers and their associates. The software allows developers to take just a few minutes to perform research that once took days of effort.

Using a parcel address, a report is prepared by accessing property information on millions of parcels in San Diego County. The report provides:

  • Property and zoning information, including subdivision name
  • Parcel size
  • Legal description
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Tax assessment
  • Map location
  • Use type
  • Building height limits
  • Floor/area ratio (FAR) and setbacks

Visualized data covering everything from aerial photos to applicable overlays, and from a description of the community plan to details on improvements and attributes, puts all the data required in one easy report.  

  1. Willow, Sydney, Australia

Willow software is designed to simplify smart building construction and management.  

Willow Twin is a scalable platform incorporating AI and the internet of things to create geometrically accurate 2D or 3D digital replicas of real estate assets. The software also provides information using collected building data, which powers the creation of an asset that is able to learn from experience.

Willow Twin 2.0 integrates 3D visualization and data, allowing a building to operate efficiently on its own. The technology collects information on day-to-day operations in order to continuously improve the bottom line of assets. This not only increases their cash value but also reduces environmental impact.

Other functions include:

  • Identifying which assets should be tracked over the long term
  • ​Gathering and storing operational manuals for the building or infrastructure network to be shared with new building management contractors
  • Tenant data collection to recommend improvements that will future-proof buildings for tenant retention
  • Managing tenant service requests, including tracking and fulfillment
  • Collecting useful tenant demographics, space use, preferences, and feedback
  • Occupant location feature to provide safe instructions to tenants during emergency situations
  1. Suffolk Construction, Boston

Suffolk Construction uses disruptive technology to improve the building process. The technology collects data that allows Suffolk to build and plan smarter, improve cost estimates, and establish a safer work environment.

The company has also created “smart labs” in major cities in the U.S. where the team can collaborate on projects that are modeled and planned virtually using digital twins. It also allows for client interaction using virtual reality to view projects.

The digital twin provides accurate cost predictions by identifying all the components of the project. That reduces or eliminates budget overruns. The system also creates visuals to show planners how the project will look and even how it will fit into the skyline. It also considers how the building operates and its impact on the environment.

These companies are leading the way, creating innovative technology to help builders and clients remain on the cutting-edge of efficiencies.  

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