Renovation Features that Help Homes Sell

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A team of data experts at recently analyzed which features added during home renovations tend to pay off the most when homes sell. They looked at a variety of home amenities, and came up with a list of 15 features that not only help sellers to recoup their renovation dollars, but also make them sell faster.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features topped the list of features that help homes sell. There are numerous smart home amenities on the market today, and many real estate agents report that they help homes to move. Some of the most popular smart home features right now include: smart security systems, smart lighting, smart appliances, smart thermostats and smart smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems. There are also smart controls that manage things like water systems, garages, and home entertainment systems.

Finished Basements, Patios and Walk-In Closets

The next three features on the list were finished basements, patios and walk-in closets in that order. This seems to confirm that homebuyers value both extra storage and extra living spaces, including spaces that allow them to connect with the outdoors. Besides patios, front porches also made the list, in 10th place.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops came in fifth on the list, showing they are still popular, although some design experts have predicted that both granite and marble are on the way out in the near future.

Eat-In Kitchens vs. Open Kitchens

Eat-in kitchens came in sixth place on the list; however, open kitchens also made the list in the ninth spot. Therefore, renovating either type of kitchen seems like a smart move, although eat-in kitchens may be a little more popular right now.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors came in seventh, and it’s no wonder. They are beautiful, as well as fairly easy to clean and maintain. They reportedly have a good return on investment, with some experts saying that new hardwood floors throughout a home can bring in a 2.5% higher sales price.

What Other Features Help Homes Sell?

Laundry rooms came in eighth place, just ahead of open kitchens and front porches, which have already been mentioned. Next were dining rooms, Energy Star appliances, two-car garages, fireplaces and security systems.

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