How Bad are the New Mortgage Disclosures?

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Before TRID went into effect last October, many realtors and lenders had dire predictions about how TRID would affect the closing process. Would the new disclosures and wait times lengthen the time it takes to close a deal? Would home closings experience a wave of delays as realtors and title agents adjust to the new requirements? Now that’s it’s been a few months, we can start to see which predictions were right and which were wrong.

The Negatives

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear different reviews. Some cite tales of inconvenience and delays, while others state that they aren’t feeling the impact at all. With the new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms, many buyers have reported inconsistencies that result in delayed closings. One mortgage broker, Ross Glines, reports that over 90% of his deals has gone longer than expected. Setbacks are costly and unwanted to each individual involved in the process of buying a home.

The Positives

Other brokers haven’t run into any problems at all. The key to their success is choosing title agents who are organized, able to stay on top of deadlines, and excellent communicators. Lenders and realtors can ensure that deals go through on schedule by working with vetted title agencies who offer both settlement services and title insurance—like Lakeside Title Company.

Looking Forward

Lakeside Title Company works with realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers from 14 convenient locations across Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Title insurance is our area of expertise, though we also provide settlement services and title searches. We’ve seen some extension of closing times and increased closing costs in certain areas, and there’s obvious room for improvement. It may be too early to determine the long-term effects of TRID, but the lesson for lenders and realtors is simple: proactive communication with title agents is essential.

Lakeside Title Company

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