Looking Ahead, Tips To Sell Stale Listings as We Move Through Summer

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Looking down the road, if you’ve found your listing is still sitting on the market when the kids go back to school, you could face some challenges getting that stale listing sold. The good news is, more buyers are expected to enter the market. Here are some tips to help attract new buyers and get that property off your hands.

Get Social

Embrace the latest social media craze and Livestream your open house on Facebook and Instagram. Kill two birds with one stone by holding a traditional open house to attract some new visits while reaching thousands more who can watch it on their phones or computers without having to make the trip.

Create a walkthrough video to post on social media and your website so people can view the home more efficiently. If you have first-class photos, make sure you showcase them everywhere. Social media and YouTube cost nothing, so get all guns blazing to make sure as many people as possible can find your listing. There are also tons of apps to help with your marketing efforts.

Revisit Pricing

Often, a house that sits on the market too long has a pricing issue. If people can’t perceive the home’s value, they won’t be willing to make an offer. Do more research to find out how other houses are doing in your area. Make sure your price is not sticking out like a sore thumb making any other house in the neighborhood seem like a bargain. Adjust your price to make it more suitable to market conditions, so it is more likely to sell.

If your client is stubborn, show them the money. Take them on a few tours of the competing properties and let them see what others are offering and for how much. This provides a more realistic picture to get them on board with a reduction, hopefully.

Retake Photos

There’s a reason they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures speak volumes to buyers, good or bad. If your listing isn’t selling, your photos might not be doing the property justice. Sometimes, it’s not the quality of the pictures themselves but instead the state of the home. Staging is a must for pro real estate photos if you want to see the house sell fast.

Assess Curb Appeal

It’s not uncommon for buyers to lose their enthusiasm for upkeep once they decide to sell. The longer the home sits on the market, the more neglected a property becomes. Give the house a good once over to look for signs of curb appeal burnout.

Things such as an unmown lawn, garbage piled up beside the house, a weedy garden or dying flower boxes, burned-out lightbulbs on the porch, or debris in the yard all shout I’m not worthy! Gently remind your sellers they have to get things cleaned up and keep it that way if they want to sell their home any time soon.

All of these tips will help get that stale listing off the market.

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