Ranking the Security of Wi-Fi In Airports Across the U.S.

ranking security wi-fi airports across U.S.

A new study from Coronet, a cybersecurity company, has revealed the airports with the most secure Wi-Fi connections and those with the least secure connection. If a Wi-Fi connection is not secure, your private information could be at risk. In particular, the data you input into cloud-based apps including G-Suite, Dropbox, and Office 365 would be the most vulnerable. This should be a serious concern for employees across America who rely on an airport’s Wi-Fi to conduct business.

Can you trust your local airport to provide a secure Wi-Fi connection? Find out below:

Airports with the highest-rated Wi-Fi Security:

  1. Chicago-Midway International Airport
  2. Raleigh Durham International Airport
  3. Nashville International Airport
  4. Washington Dulles International Airport
  5. San Antonio International Airport
  6. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
  7. Kansas City International Airport
  8. Lambert St. Louis International Airport
  9. Miami International Airport
  10. Tampa International Airport

Frequent travelers from the Chicago-Midway International Airport can feel safe knowing that the airport took the crown as having the most secure Wi-Fi network.

Airports with lowest-rated Wi-Fi Security:

  1. San Diego International Airport
  2. John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport
  3. William P. Houston Hobby Airport
  4. Southwest Florida International Airport
  5. Newark Liberty International Airport
  6. Dallas Love Field
  7. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  8. Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  9. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
  10. Boston Logan International Airport

Frequent travelers from any airport on this list (especially San Diego) should be extremely cautious about using the Wi-Fi.

How Was This Data Collected?

In order to rank these airports, Coronet collected data from over 250,000 users who had traveled through any of the 45 most populated airports in the past five months. Then, they studied the data, using their threat protection software. This helped them pinpoint any signs of an insecure network, such as device vulnerabilities.

How Can This Be Fixed?

It seems the airports who ranked the worst in cybersecurity were more concerned with convenience than security. Airports with vulnerable Wi-Fi connections need to take responsibility for the privacy threats they are exposing customers to and make improvements. Until that happens, travelers should be careful about using Wi-Fi at airports with a poor security rank.

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