What Defines Next Generation Title Companies?

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There are many title companies to choose from, and as a realtor it can be a daunting task to try and find the right one. In years past, the only qualities that separated one title company from another were intangible factors like reliability, level of service, and honesty, and tangible ones like services offered and pricing. Far too often, realtors were forced to find the right title company using trial and error. Not anymore. In today’s digital world, title companies like Lakeside Title set themselves apart by staying up to date with technological advances and by extending those advantages to the realtors they work with.

Education is Key

One of the more popular services title companies are starting to provide is marketing classes. This is beneficial to any realtor, whether you’ve just gotten your license or you’re a seasoned veteran. If you’re new to the game, you can learn about the importance of title insurance, how to generate leads in your market, how to educate your clients, and how to make productive calls to potential clients. Those with experience can and should continue to learn the best and latest practices. Here at Lakeside Title, we’ll provide every service we can, but we’ll also advocate for realtors to learn new services they can offer clients.

Use the Power of Internet and Social Media

In today’s world, weak online presence and poor social media communication are both death sentences for any kind of business. Market your skills, experience, and qualifications with LinkedIn. Learn how to create effective ads on Facebook and Twitter. Develop your own YouTube channel and use tags and keywords to gain more search hits. Gear your content with SEO so that it ends up on Google’s first page of search results. Because the goals and clientele of title companies and realtors are one in the same, successful companies market not only for themselves, but others. Realtors working with Lakeside Title have our tools and resources working for them.

Diverse Content Creation

A next generation title company must create diverse, distributable content that benefits their own business, but also benefits realtors. Content should include valuable, viewer-friendly information written concisely with an inviting, friendly style. Here at Lakeside Title, we write blogs that target a variety of markets and send out newsletters to keep potential clientele interested and engaged. Our content includes information on ALTA best practices, cyber-security in lending, and title industry updates.

If you want a title company that works for you and your clients, come to Lakeside Title. Our job is to make the home buying experience smooth for everyone involved. We facilitate sales and resales, refinancing, and offer title insurance and title searches. For more information about what we can do for you, please visit our homepage.

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