You Take the Good. You Take the Bad.

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For the real estate industry, the Facts of Life include bad reviews. (Does anyone else remember that theme song?) Digital word of mouth isn’t child’s play. These days, customers know a lot about you before stepping foot into your business. So the Lakeside Title team is sharing some thoughts about what you should do to combat those negative nellies.

Most bad reviews come from a place of frustration. It’s important to take a deep breath and stay calm, but you should never ignore them. Revisit your experience with the reviewer, and think about what was happening that was in your control. Then, respond thoughtfully.

Consider these points when crafting your response.

  • Empathy. It’s human nature to find a negative review annoying, but maintain professionalism, and kill them with kindness. Put yourself in their shoes, and consider this response as an opportunity for you to shine. 
  • Transparency. If your team or you messed up, own it. Dismissing a reviewer’s experience is dangerous territory. Be honest, and ask for more information and clarification if there is confusion. People reading the reviews will recognize your integrity.
  • Explain. Show your humanity and describe what went wrong on your end. Avoid excuses, and offer to take the situation offline if possible. A phone call may be just the thing to clear things up.
  • Share. If you find it difficult to remain positive, share the review with a trusted colleague, and ask their opinion. A fresh perspective may be just what you need to turn that frown upside down. 

Above all, check your reviews often. Put time on your calendar to check Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews and respond as soon and thoughtfully as possible. You may even turn your negative into a positive.

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