3 ‘Dos’ for social media that we’d love for you to put in action

the word social media spelled with colorful letters

This blog is more than just real estate, and today the Lakeside Title team is excited to talk about social media and how to up your game, no matter what platform you are one. We hope you enjoy this list as much as we do and can’t wait to see how you put this advice in action.

DO use video to your advantage

Videos are captivating and people are watching. In fact, according to HubSpot, the amount of online video people consume has almost doubled since 2018. Use that to your advantage to connect with your audience and show off your personality. Don’t worry if what you’re shooting isn’t professional quality. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity. For our Realtor friends, make sure you’re still doing virtual showing too, based on these recent findings.

DO show some personality

Remember social media is more than just putting your message out there. It’s all about engagement and interaction. Customers want to know the person they are working with can be trusted. Showcasing what makes you special and unique will give your clients an opportunity to get to know you and develop a personal connection with you.

DO ask for reviews from happy clients and friends

We all know how important customer testimonials are. Not only can people give them to you on your Facebook page, but social media is a perfect tool to solicit positive feedback, too. Reach out to those who interact with you the most, and ask them to share why you are an expert in your field and use your social media microphone to amplify those kind words back to your audience.
The main takeaway from all this? Focus on the social part of “social media,” and use it to propel you forward this spring. The Lakeside Title team knows we work with some of the best professionals in the business when we’re around the closing table, and we want to help you showcase that expertise and personality digitally, too!

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