2016 Looking Bright for Homebuyers: Strong Growth, Steady Pace and Favorable Rates

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The first two quarters of the year have been rosy for first-time homebuyers and real estate professionals alike, according to the latest report from the United States Commerce Department. Year-over-year sales for newly built single-family homes were up 10% as of July 2016, with no signs of slowing down.

By the Numbers

June 2016 saw a seasonally adjusted 3.5% growth over the previous month, rising to a 592,000 annual rate. This represented an over 25% growth from the same month in 2015 and marked the strongest monthly sales pace since the beginning of 2008. While the numbers come with a margin of error due to the volatility of newly-built home sales, the market is thriving — and seems poised to stay that way.

Even stronger were the numbers for previously-built properties, which make up the majority of the US housing market’s activity. A recorded 5.57 million annual rate made June 2016 the strongest market watermark since February 2007.

Limited Inventory, High Demand

While a strong market is a good problem to have, real estate professionals must deal with a new set of challenges. The actual construction of new home properties remain sluggish compared to previous economic expansion cycles, and high demand combined with limited inventory — a phenomenon particularly seen in newly-desirable urban areas such as Denver, San Francisco, and Austin — have led many to speculate that the growth rate is unsustainable. Even if the market fails to climb, however, its current pace is a supremely favorable one.

The Big Picture

The housing market has been a quiet but steady tailwind for the country’s overall gross domestic product, contributing nearly half of Q1 2016’s 1.1% growth. This is due to a combination of factors, most notably low mortgage rates that allow borrowers of all credit levels excellent home loans.

The mortgage drop was spurred in part by Britain’s much-publicized departure from the European Union, a decision that caused a ripple effect felt by homebuyers on the other side of the ocean. Plummeting pound values have caused investors to flock to relatively safe bonds instead of riskier stocks — and since mortgage rates depend heavily on 10-year Treasury yields, this influx has caused interest to tumble by over half a percentage point. While the long-term effects of “Brexit” remain to be seen, buyers will probably continue to swarm the market and lock down favorable mortgage rates as long as they are still available.

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