The Percentage of Home Sellers Who Cried During the Process May Surprise You

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If you’re considering selling your home right now, and you’re already stressed, it may comfort you to know that you’re not alone. About a third of home sellers are so stressed that they end up crying during the process, according to Zillow. And those who cry are likely to cry to at least a few times. 

Of course, the home selling process is going to be a bit stressful no matter what you do. But, it shouldn’t be reducing you to tears! What’s stressing sellers so much, and can you do anything to reduce your stress through the process? 

The Survey 

Zillow asked more than a thousand people who sold their home recently how stressed they were during the process, what specific aspect of home selling was stressful, and whether they cried or not. Not only did 36% of these home sellers admit they cried, but 20% of those people who cried also said that they did so more than five times. It turns out that those who are parents or millennials were most likely to cry. 

What Are Home Sellers Worried About? 

The survey also asked homeowners what they were stressed about. The top concerns included: 

  • Price: They worried about their sale price and whether or not the home would sell for the desired amount. 
  • Time: Sellers were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to get their home ready for sale in time and also that it might not sell on their timeline. 
  • Moving: More than half of these home sellers were also looking to buy a new home when they sold, which can double the stress of the process. 

Reduce Your Stress When Selling Your Home

How can homeowners plan in order to prevent these common sources of stress? One way is to put your home up for sale when your local market is the hottest. That helps you sell your home quickly and avoid concerns about keeping your timeline. 

Another way is to be selective about the home renovations you plan to complete. Start with the renovation that will give you the biggest return on investment, or address the most serious issues buyers may have with your home. If you fail to complete some of the less important fixes you have planned, you will at least have maximized your time. 

You can also reduce your stress by choosing professionals you can trust. Even if you are putting your home up for sale without a real estate agent, other professionals can help secure the process and reduce your risk and stress. 

At Lakeside Title, we offer support for home sales by owners to guide you through the entire process. We strive to protect your transaction at every turn and give you the reliable, professional advice you need to make the best decisions. Reach out to us today to discuss how one of our experienced real estate experts can help you feel more secure in your home purchase. 


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