Homebuyers Guide: What is Title Insurance?

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Buying a new home is an exciting step in your life. You’ve finally found the perfect place, navigated through all the paperwork, and are ready to make the big move. But have you considered the importance of title insurance? Lakeside Title Company, with over 25 years of experience in the real estate settlement and escrow business, is here to guide you through this essential aspect of home buying. 

Protecting Your Real Estate Investment With Title Insurance

Title insurance is crucial for homebuyers, protecting you and your investment from unexpected legal and financial issues related to the property’s title. A property’s title is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership and provides a comprehensive history of the property, including any past transactions or liens. Despite how meticulous you are during a real estate transaction, issues can still arise, and having reliable title insurance will protect you from these potential issues.

Common title issues may include: 

  • Errors or Omissions: Clerical errors in public records can lead to discrepancies in the property’s title.
  • Unknown Liens: Unpaid debts, mortgages, or taxes associated with the property can become your responsibility if they are never found and resolved.
  • Forgery or Fraud: Cases of forged signatures or fraudulent claims on the property can put your ownership in jeopardy.
  • Undisclosed Heirs: Inheritance disputes can arise when the true heirs to a property’s title are not properly documented.

You deserve to feel at ease knowing that your investment and your property are in good hands. Title insurance is important not only as a safety net to protect against unforeseen issues but also ensures that you have a clear and marketable title to your property. At Lakeside Title Company, your property is our priority, and we are committed to protecting your real estate investments and providing you with peace of mind. Contact our dedicated team of title professionals to see how we can help you today!

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