House Hunting Tips for Parents

house hunting tips for parents

Every parent (or potential parent) looking for a home knows that he or she will need to find a property that can adequately accommodate their child. However, sometimes these homebuying parents can overlook certain features that could have really been beneficial for their child. To prevent this from happening, we have compiled some house hunting tips for parents to help them find the perfect kid-friendly home.

1. Nursery Location


One feature that is often overlooked is the location of the nursery. When looking at a potential home, most parents tend to focus on the layout of the nursery, rather than its location relative to the master bedroom. It is in the best interest of the parent to find a home that has a nursery and a master bedroom on the same floor, or better yet, right next to each other. Parents don’t want to end up having to go up and down the stairs throughout the night to tend to their child.

2. Sidewalks


When looking at the exterior of a home and its surrounding neighborhood, parents should pay close attention to the sidewalks. If there aren’t any sidewalks on the street, this is an issue–expecially if the home is on a busy street. Sidewalks provide additional safety, which is important when a child is playing or walking outside.

3. Open Floor Plan


Parents should also look for homes with an “open floor” concept. One such home, for instance, has the kitchen, dining room, and living room all open and connected. This way, kids can play in the living room while parents can keep an eye on them from the kitchen.

4. Viewable Backyard


In this age of technology, it has become even more imperative for children to spend time outside. A backyard is vital for any parent if they wish to allow their child to take part in outdoor activities. Therefore, it is best to find a home with a backyard that is viewable from a kitchen window. Parents could then allow their child to play outside freely while they watch from inside. Otherwise, parents would have to go outside everytime their child does, which can be inconvenient at times.

5. Flat Roads


A big hill can put even the most beautiful home at a disadvantage for parents. Outdoor activities such as bicycling, rollerblading, or skateboarding suddenly become a lot more dangerous on a hill. A flat road helps protect children from going too fast and accidentally riding into oncoming traffic.

6. Close Proximity to Amenities


Lastly, parents will want to live somewhere that has playgrounds, daycare, and/or schools nearby. Better yet, look for properties that have these places within walking distance. This will not only be more convenient, but will also allow parents to give their child more outdoor time.


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