How LinkedIn is Key to Loan Officer Success

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In the professional world, one social media platform is king: LinkedIn. LinkedIn, if you’re not already familiar, allows you to socialize with your connections in a similar way as Facebook with the added benefit of safely describing your accomplishments and professional experiences. One of the best ways to market yourself is to maintain an active and complete LinkedIn profile. Full profiles provide your customers and clients all the information they need to choose you over the competition.

With the growing importance of having a quality LinkedIn profile, here are some tips we’d like to share:

Make a Good First Impression

When someone visits your LinkedIn page, you want them to stay there. That means taking advantage of all the site’s features. Complete as much of your profile as possible. Keywords come in very handy here. Keywords are brief descriptions of your experience and skills. You can add them virtually anywhere on your profile for people to see. Add as many keywords as you like, so long as they reflect your skills and experience. If you frequently use LinkedIn and participate in discussions, your name will come up in a search more often. Another important section of your page is the summary. Use this area to sell your purpose, passion, and best abilities. Be unique. Write clearly. The summary offers a space to demonstrate your style and make yourself stand out. And continuously update your skills; colleagues and partners can endorse your skillset.

Take Advantage of All the Features

Having a brand is important; showing people how you do what you do best is key. As LinkedIn has become more popular, they have added a lot of business-friendly features. When you are completing your profile, there’s an area titled  “Sections” on the right-hand side. Include any awards you have won, any volunteer work you do, and any other languages you speak. It’s all about casting the broadest possible net to catch the eye of potential clients.

Connect with Others

In the end, LinkedIn is a social site. Connect. Start with the people you know in your industry and then work from there. Don’t reach out to anyone solely to boost your number of connections. It’s not the quantity of the connections you have, but the quality that matters. Once you establish relationships with your network, show some support by endorsing skills. The more people you endorse, the more people are likely to endorse you. Over time, your skills list will update and rank based on the number of endorsements.

Moreover, another valuable component of LinkedIn is recommendations. Clients, business associates, and colleagues can share their experiences about working with you. Endorsements and written reviews are both two-way streets. The more you help your connections out, the more they will be willing to help you out.

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