The Importance of Keeping Mobile Devices Secure

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At Lakeside Title, we believe that keeping mobile devices secure is more important than ever. A recent report by Inman, for example, indicated that escrow scams targeting real estate agents and their clients were significantly higher in 2017 than the year before. It estimates that homebuyers lost $969 million to these scams in 2017, compared to only $19 million in 2016.

And according to the FBI, data breaches and email account compromise are two of the high-tech methods commonly used by cyber-criminals perpetrating internet fraud, both of which can be initiated when criminals access vulnerable mobile devices.

A recent article published by American Land Title Association (ALTA) provides some great tips about mobile apps and keeping mobile devices secure, both at home and at work. We invite you to check out the full article on ALTA’s website. We wanted to share a brief overview of our three best tips on how you can keep your mobile device secure.

  1. Be Careful When Downloading Mobile Apps

When downloading mobile apps, always be sure that you download from a site that you recognize and trust. Even cyber criminals can create mobile apps – apps that have the capability to do things like take over your devices, access your email accounts, and otherwise, invade your privacy. You have to be especially careful when using Android devices, as Apple apps already has a security layer which checks apps and their authors, although this doesn’t catch all the bad guys.

  1. Check Permissions Carefully Before Authorizing

After downloading apps and sometimes during app updates, we typically have to authorize the app to access certain settings or services on our phone or tablet. If you’re not comfortable with the level of access that an app requests, ALTA recommends shopping around for a similar app that doesn’t require as many permission.

  1. Update Often

Most software and app updates are designed to improve security or to fix weaknesses that may make your devices more vulnerable to cyber attacks. ALTA recommends configuring your device to complete updates automatically if possible. Otherwise, it’s important to complete manual updates as soon as possible after you’re prompted.

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