The new meaning of ‘professionalism’ in today’s world

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The Lakeside Title team is proud to work with some of the best real estate professionals in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, and West Virginia. Thank you for choosing us for your clients and their transactions. Today, we wanted to focus on the changing definition of professionalism across the business landscape.

The pandemic — and the changes we made because of it — will certainly have a lasting effect on society. Though real estate was deemed an essential service from the start, we know some customer and employee expectations have been permanently changed.

That, of course, isn’t a bad thing. But it made this piece from Now Associations about how professionalism has changed over the last 18 months a very interesting read when it comes to what professionalism means today.

  • Professionalism isn’t just about your words or what you wear to work. It is about cultivating meaningful and successful conversations which help push your company in a better direction. With the pandemic changing a lot for us, we may see changes in our discussions as we have all been through complex events that many have never experienced before. Leaving room to discuss these issues can be great for support and a push towards working better as a team, creating closer bonds.
  • Diversity doesn’t come down to just demographics. It’s about how employees feel and react. We do not all have to align emotionally but recognizing each member’s different feelings on a team can also push towards success. Feeling seen and heard can go a long way.
  • Maybe a little bit of casualness isn’t so bad. Virtual Zoom meetings threw everyone for a loop, and it may be hard to get right back to where we were before the pandemic. Due to this, easing up on strict dress codes, especially with hybrid work models, can create a more balanced standard for team members and employees.

Overall, professionalism comes down to presentation and how everyone works as a team in the office. You can always trust the Lakeside Title team to be the professional choice for you and your clients, no matter what that means to you.  

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