7 Tips Based on Habits of Super Productive Real Estate Agents

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Every day we work with busy real estate agents, so we get a good sense of just how hard they work, how dedicated they are to their clients, and how much they juggle each day to make their deals work and to reach their own sales goals. Recently, we’ve found some interesting tips based on the habits of highly productive real estate agents. We thought we’d share a few of these with you:

1-Find a Niche and Stick with It

Find a niche and own it! This can mean finding a niche market or doing something in a different manner than other agents. If you choose to specialize in a niche market – like luxury homes, for instance – it’s a good idea to find other agents who also work primarily in this market and network with them often. This will set you apart from other agents and establish you as a specialist in your niche market. Be sure to market yourself to clients accordingly.

2-Market Yourself Often

Market yourself on a consistent basis and often. Even if someone isn’t shopping for an agent at present, they will most likely be at some point. And when that time comes, you will want them to think of you.

3-Plan Each Day Ahead

Make a plan ahead of time –preferably the day before – of what you plan to accomplish each day so you can get started right away in the morning without having to think about. Many successful agents say it’s helpful to have a daily morning routine as well. Your plan should not only include the actions you want to complete during the day, but should block out specific times for each task. The plan should also include some specific goals that you’d like to meet.

4-Stay Positive

Even when things aren’t going well, it’s important to keep a positive attitude. Using positive affirmations is one way to do this. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. When repeated often, many successful people believe they will lead to positive changes.

5-Never Stop Improving

Do as much as you can to be the best agent you can be. This can range from reading a book on how to become a better salesperson to attending a seminar to get some inspiration and practical advice on how to do your job better.

6-Answer or Respond to Calls Fast

The most successful real estate agents will usually say that they always answer their phones or they respond to calls, texts and emails very quickly. This not only helps turn leads into clients, but makes clients feel like they’re important, and lets them know you are reliable and will be available when they need you.

7-Be Willing to Ask for Help

Whether it’s leaning on your broker for support with a difficult deal or paying for an assistant to help you with everyday tasks like stuffing newsletters in envelopes, be willing to rely on the help of others. That way you can have more time to work with clients and to focus on making more sales.

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