Real Estate Marketing 101

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Gaining a unique edge in real estate requires an effective marketing plan. Whether building brand recognition or proof of market knowledge, experts need to deliver compelling tactics to targeted audiences. Successful real estate marketing is designed to captivate the attention of prospective home buyers and home sellers.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan begins with a well-crafted strategy. Sales professionals can build a solid list of leads and referrals using data from the Multiple Listing Service. Utilizing public resources and targeting specific demographics such as fist-time buyers, empty nesters, selling prices and neighborhoods, new and experienced agents can formulate winning marketing plans.

Marketing Collateral

Capture the attention of a prospective client with quality marketing material. Experiment with personal letters, postcards or brochures. Write a compelling message and take advantage of well-designed marketing products. Finding the right piece of marketing can transform a potential buyer to a new client. With respect to brochures, a picture is worth a thousand words so make sure your graphics are pristine and creative.

Set Attainable Marketing Goals

Marketing success is obtained by implementing specific goals. Agents who set measurable expectations have a game plan to follow. For instance, a new agent with a low marketing budget may send 100 postcards per month to luxury home buyers. As closings are made and commissions gained, the agent may double their marketing efforts. Instead of sending 100 postcards, they send 200 postcards and build momentum to reach their final goal of 10,000 mailers in six months.

Marketing Support

It is crucial to have support in a competitive market. Utilizing the expertise of seasoned real estate agents can save time and money. Seek the assistance of colleagues, social marketing followers, title companies, insurance representatives or other professional service providers. Their proficiency and knowledge is invaluable to marketing success.


A winning marketing formula can give real estate agents an abundance of confidence and prospective clients. Using a variety of marketing ideas enables an agent to determine the most ideal promotional methods for their business. Agents who remain open to new ideas will have consistent real estate marketing success.

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