5 Social Media Musts for Real Estate Professionals

social media

Nowadays everybody wants to be in constant contact and one of the most commonly used tools is social media. You want to know where your friends and colleagues are and what they’re up to and the majority of us do this via our smart phones.

Many clients will find you and your listings via their smart phone and social media makes it quick and easy for them to make an inquiry or share the information with friends and family. To get the most from your time on social media, here are some valuable tips.

#1-Quality over Quantity

There are so many social media outlets available today that trying to maintain more than a few can become a full-time job. Pick the ones that your clients are most likely to use on a regular basis and keep your posts applicable. Let’s face it; people looking to buy a home are probably more apt to use Facebook and Zillow to inquire about your business or a listing than Snapchat.

#2-Use the Right Tool for the Job

Work with the strengths of your chosen social media apps. For example, full listings can be posted to Facebook while Twitter can be used for announcements and events. Post pictures of your available properties on Instagram and be sure to use hashtags. YouTube would be perfect for home tours or simple tutorial videos that may interest your clients: how to drain a water heater or maintain a lawnmower.

#3-Keep it Current

The only thing worse than flooding your followers with posts is doing nothing at all. Many people start social media accounts with grand intentions of documenting a journey or keeping their followers up to date but taper off after a short period of time. Real estate is all about what is happening now so your accounts must be regularly maintained.

#4-Put the “Social” Back in Social Media

Make sure that you follow other businesses in the vicinity of your listings. By following dry cleaners, plumbers, child care providers and even museums and local historic sites, you can be an invaluable resource to buyers new to the area. Visit local restaurants and post pictures using your hashtag to Instagram. This will increase your visibility and give your clients an idea of what’s available that they can then share with friends and family, expanding your network.

#5-Read the Signs

List all of your social media handles on your sign. This is just as important in today’s world as your phone number. Take a picture of your new homeowners with the sign to welcome them to the neighborhood and share with your followers and potential clients. #success!

We Hope You’ve Found These Social Media Tips Helpful!

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