5 Time-Saving Tips for Real Estate Agents

Time-Saving Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have a lot of irons in the fire. That is, they need to be engaged with multiple clients, working on their marketing for their own business, the marketing for the properties they’re selling, onboarding new clients, and so much more. Everyone can use a few extra minutes. These time-saving tips for real estate agents will help you get them.

1. Audio Messages

Sometimes you absolutely need to speak to a client, but you know that they’re busy. You don’t want to call and disturb them, but you’re going to be busy for the rest of the day. What do you do to update them, especially if you need to give them a lot of information? Send them an audio file. You can send one just as you’d send an image over text or email.

2. Discoverly Extension  

Google’s Chrome browser has a lot of useful extensions for real estate agents. One that could save you the most time is Discoverly. Once you have a potential client’s social media, just one, Discoverly can connect you to their other profiles and tell you if you have mutual connections. It even works in Gmail. It’s a great tool to help you expand your client base.

3. One Tab Extension

The other absolute-must use Chrome extension is called One Tab. It allows you to keep your browser much more organized. You can save and close a series of tabs. When you need them later, you can pull them all back up with a single click. Save research you’ve done for one client and pull all of the MLS listings back up when you see them.

4. Facebook Lists

A few years ago Facebook implemented a feature called Facebook Lists. It allows you to organize your contacts into labelled lists. Real estate agents can use this feature to streamline their time on social media. For example, organize your contacts by year that you sold them a home. Check back on each year when it makes sense for you, to see if they may be moving again. If it’s a possibility, move them into a new list called “may move soon” so you remember to engage with them.

5. Text Prediction/Replacement

You probably find yourself sending a lot of the same emails or filling in the same hashtags over and over again on social media. If so, the text replacement or prediction tool on your Android or Apple phone can help. In your settings you can add a text replacement item that allows you to type out a short phrase, and have your phone automatically turn it into what you want. So, if you have a string of hashtags you always use, have your phone replace one basic hashtag with the whole group.

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